Big Studios Part 2: “What happens if the independent photographer is hit by a bus on the way to the church?”


While this question isn’t word for word, it’s from an FAQ of a big studio’s website. Every bride fears the “Rainy Day” scenario. You know the story, it will rain, the cake will fall over, the photographer won’t show up and the groom will run off with the Maid of Honor. The fear os this happening has actually created an subset of insurance polices for such things. Sure, a big studio may be able to get you a replacement one or two days before, but even they would be hard pressed to find someone an hour or two before the ceremony, and either-way do you really want to pay top dollar for a the low man on the totem pole? Over the years, myself and several other photographers have set up a small network to address this issue. We generally find one of us who isn’t working that weekend to fill in as a backup for worst case scenarios. However, if you still have this fear, I always suggest getting a second photographer. In the unlikely event of my near fatal bus encounter however, any deposit or payment already made for the second photographer would be refunded.

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