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After starting as a freelancer with my hometown paper, I’ve been #OnAssignment for publications from Oregon to D.C., and regularly contribute to the Chicago Tribune. You can see more or my photojournalism work if you’re interested in the link below.


Every step of the way couple only talk to me. No sales reps, no album designers, no receptionists. You’ll have my cell phone and my undivided attention from start-to-finish. The phrase “someone else was working on that. Let me get back to you” is something you won’t hear from me.


In the digital age anybody can get a few good photos in every 100 they take. However the real challenge is not only getting better photos on the first try, but weaving those images together to tell the story of a day, or reveal the personality of the subject. Follow the link to see album & prints samples.

Over 20 years of photography experience and satisfied clients.

A professional photographer since 1996. My love behind the lens started with photojournalism and has included fashion, commercial, portraits, and even  filmmaking.

My career has put celebrities in front of my lens, my photos on the cover of major daily newspapers, and has made sure my wife & children have some of the greatest vacation slideshows ever.

Above all else, each time I snap the shutter, I am aware that that image may be the one someone bases their memories of a moment off of.

Weddings; How I Started:
To be honest, when I started taking photos in the 1990s, I never dreamed of being a wedding photographer. The majority of the industry was guys who lacked artistic skill but had business sense and took photography from a hobby to a career. The images were stale, relied heavily on flash lighting, and the phrase “now stand like this” was constantly uttered.

My photojournalism career began to develop at the same time many of my friends were getting married, and often with little to no budget. So, I was asked to photograph a few ceremonies, but I did so in my own style. Armed with some rolls of black & white Tri-X film, I used the skills I was taught in photojournalism class, along with the experience I had from shooting for newspapers, and I photographed those weddings like it was a news event.

No posing.
No flash.
No interruptions of a moment.
And couples loved it.

While I won’t take credit for inventing this style of wedding photography, I can say it has been mimicked and copied by most wedding photographers today, while only a very limited number of them actually have the background and talent to claim that documentary, photojournalism is something they do.

Capturing a wedding, for me, is as much an art form as it is something you need a technical expertise in. I document a day from start to finish. This means that with exception to your bridal party photos, little will be posed. Smiles, laughs, & tears will be captured. Photos shot from below, above or behind will be taken. Moments funny & serious will be preserved forever.

“Photojournalistic Style” has been the “it” word for years now in the wedding photography world. But, the fact is “Photojournalism” is a profession, not a photographic style. My style is my style and my job as the photographer at your wedding is to document this moment in your life.

For the best examples of what I do view my portfolio page. For questions of a more technical nature, visit the FAQ page.

Where To Meet

Busy schedules means finding time for to meet with a photographer can be challenging. While phone calls can often work for portrait shoots, clients are always welcome to meet at my spacious home office/studio just south of downtown. Just off the highway with easy parking (or a 3-4 blocks walk from Green & Red Line stops) there are plenty of examples of my work, and various print samples to view . For wedding couples I think it’s very important to meet with both of you, so it can also be arrange that we meet at your home, or a local coffee, or book store, if venturing into the city might be difficult.

Home Office

our fantastic team

While it’s hard to imagine there would be more than just me at Vincent David Johnson Photography, I do have a list of colleagues who I work with (and on occasion work for) that have similar skills and style that I do.

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